How will your team react in an emergency?

If your loved one, friend, or co-worker was experiencing a medical emergency, would you know how to help them? With CPR training from UpSkill VR, you can make sure your answer to that question is a resounding “yes.”


A Different Approach to CPR Training

At UpSkill VR, we understand how important it is for you to feel confident in knowing exactly how to react in an emergency situation. We value your time, so we pride ourselves in providing a more comprehensive, memorable, engaging training experience in half the time of traditional CPR training.
That’s why we use immersive virtual reality technology to help you get the most realistic training possible, and have fun while doing it. This technology combined with the expertise of our expert training specialists ensures you receive an unforgettable CPR training experience, so you’ll be fully prepared to spring into action in the event of an emergency.

UpSkill VR Process

  • Get ready

    Schedule a consultation with one of our VR training specialists.

  • Get Set

    Consult with one of our training specialists, and register your team for a VR CPR training experience.

  • Let’s Go

    UpSkill VR brings the training to you, and guides your team through our 3-step “edutainment” experience.


What makes Upskill VR so different?

UpSkill VR believes in the proven benefits of CPR training using virtual reality to create a fun, supportive learning environment and increase your confidence in performing life-saving skills.

Our goal is to create the most realistic training experience possible, and break free from the mold of traditional classroom lecture style CPR training.

We strive to delight our students and exceed their expectations. Our training specialists are U.S. military veterans, Paramedics, and Police Officers that take decades of hands-on real world experience and make it practical for everyone.

UpSkill VR guarantees we will never cancel our training experiences, and you will receive your certification credentials electronically within 48 hours of completing your training.


Virtual Reality CPR Training

Learn how to effectively perform CPR with our interactive virtual reality training. You’ll get the most realistic experience possible, and have fun while doing it.


Ready to Train?

If you’re ready to learn the life-saving skills you will need to take action in an emergency situation,
contact us schedule your training experience.

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